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At BON I/O, we see opportunity.

2020 changed our world dramatically. These changes create an increased need for international and diverse foreign language programming, especially Asian–Focused, Asian–First content. Demographics are shifting, Asian countries (China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, etc.) have younger populations than many of their Western counterparts. These younger consumers are "language agnostic" and have an appetite for eclectic new content. This demand creates opportunities for global distribution of diversified top–level programming. Provider companies now have an increased need for "in advance" high quality content with consistent rollout of engaging new programming for their viewers.

Flexible Collaboration

To distribute content from China, we identify what is selling in non–Chinese regions, select the largest streamers or broadcasters appropriate to the content, and work with trusted decision–makers to place content quickly and efficiently. With a team of established editors, writers, producers, sales and marketing executives, we develop and execute the materials to best position content for each client's specific needs within the international marketplace. We have an established history of working both from within and outside of China. Our goal is to assist international content creators to reach the US and European markets, and help to distributed US and European films and TV series within China.


Innovative Online Services.
I/O Asia.
Cross–Border Evolution.

We provide consulting services to film and television companies seeking to distribute film, television, and short form content both in and out of China. The internet has had a profound impact on how we engage with video content. The ability to deliver content on both wired and wireless networks has opened the door for innovative online services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple, and HBOMax as well as platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and many others. Navigating the world of VOD, OTT, SVOD, TVOD, or AVOD is made far more complicated when crossing borders. And it's likely that business models will change as technology and consumption habits continue to evolve.

Get it out there.
Get it seen.
Make an impact.

If you rely on advertising to generate revenue, you need a partner who can find the optimal break points for any title in any market. The right marketing attracts viewers, engages viewing trends and drives profitability. We develop and execute trailers, sizzle reels, promotional art, info sheets—each tailored to our client's specific target markets. Whether the promotional materials are destined for Digital Storefronts, Television, OTT platforms, DVD packaging or more, we blend creativity with efficiency to attract viewers, and to ensure our presentation materials conform to downstream platform requirements.

First to Market Advantage.
Local Knowlege.
Local Relationships.

Who are the up and coming directors in China? What are the newest unscripted format hits in Korea? What are the latest drama remakes coming out of Japan? What Asian content is going to hit next?
In films and television, you need a first to market advantage to win. With team members on the ground and in country, we have the relationships and knowledge of local market and companies to scout the emerging trends from specific countries or across the Asian region. Our knowledge and relationships give you first mover advantage so you stay ahead of the pack.

Gloabal Sensitivity.
Pristine language translation.
Cross Culture Content.

Content is going global, and global content needs global sensitivity. As content reaches across cultures, it should reflect both pristine language translation as well as being culturally and context–sensitive. BON I/O has the experience and expertise to successfully execute subtitling (audio tracks captured in graphic form in any language), closed captioning (all audio, including words, sound effects, etc.) captured in graphic form for original audio track, and dubbing (spoken word audio track converted to different languages). Voice talent, casting and direction services available.


Rosemond Perdue

Rosemond has spent her career at the intersection of marketing, production and content distribution. Her international focus began as a founding partner of Bungalow 3, bringing TV shows and channels to international markets for clients such as: Sony, CBS, and Universal. Her passion for Asian entertainment led her to found Breakthrough Now Media — focusing on Asian broadcasters, production companies and helping creators like Sera Film Turkey, Keyring Animation Korea, and TV Asahi Japan reach new viewers and platforms around the world. She wants the world to love Asian content as much as she does. As a producer, she created TV and digital series for Discovery, HGTV, Lifetime, and Disney. Rosemond was recently voted by the MIP TV conference as a 2020 "Global Producer to Watch". She has been a guest lecturer and consultant for The Format People and KOCCA, the Korean government's creative content agency.

Nilufer Kuyel

Nilufer has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, and is a member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey. She has a strong background in television, ranging from acquisition, sales, production, to content creation. With a deep understanding of making and nurturing a programming trajectory, Nilufer both protects and expands on a network's brand, working within both local and international markets. Her skill set includes: content management, broadcast, content acquisition, content sales (scripted, films, unscripted) scripted and non-scripted TV programs, production, project management, business development, co-productions, original Turkish series, co-development, and co-creation of TV content.

Craig Talmy

With over thirty years in the entertainment industry, Craig brings both a critical artistic eye and solid technical know–how to his projects. His skill in combining quality story content and the complex process of vfx keeps projects on task and on schedule. He excels as a collaborator within diverse creative and technical teams and consistently translates multiple and often conflicting artistic, technological, and budgetary requirements into performance excellence. Craig started in traditional special effects with films such as Beetle Juice and Species, and has extensive experience in long distance direction and supervision with remote teams, including China, India and Malaysia. He has a demonstrated ability to successfully interact in real–time, optimizing performance, team efficiency and drive story across multiple cultures and collaborators.

Jin Luo

Brings his corporate management, international, and local business development experience to n40. The backbone of our international business efforts, and extending our presence throughout Asia, Jin has successfully created partnerships in Ningbo China, allowing us to extend the our capabilities and to create StudioX, a proprietary digital stage facility. A graduate of Beijing Institute of Technology and CalTech, Jin worked in the technology sector developing key aspects of today's integrated circuit (IC) designs for vision applications and a proprietary EDA tools suite, the first marketed internationally. He founded General Circuits, and in 2006 successfully sold the company to Vivace. In 2010 Jin started Frontier Technologies, an consulting & business development company which continues to service global high-tech clients.

Vista Kong

Vista has more than a decade working at the top–tier of China's film industry, managing high–profile film, TV, and commercials. His projects include Gone with Bullets, Great Wall, and Crazy Alien. His keen understanding of filmmaking particular to China is invaluable. As a VFX Producer and Line Producer, he has established relationships with crews and vendors throughout China Mainland and Internationally. He has worked alongside Oscar Award winning VFX supervisors and is seasoned in creating & managing budgets, post–production, 3rd party vendors to ensure productions stay on schedule and on budget. As Production Manger Vista works with and oversees production teams, on all aspects of production and field logistics. He has a proven success managing large and small crews and overseeing day–to–day production. Vista has an unique ability to adjust to constantly changing environments, and provides a stellar client–facing bridge between Chinese and Western cultures.

Linda Choi

Linda's extensive relationships and resources within the Chinese film industry, along with her strong leadership, make her an invaluable team member. Her passion as a producer and screenwriter gives Linda an insightful eye for quality content in film, broadcast, and streaming material. Linda was involved with the Chinese version of the Tony Award winning musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, and the Australian stage play, Cosi. Linda wrote scripts for the English stage play, The Bus Stop and of the Chinese film Homeland. Linda is the co-writer of the Chinese film Wild Wild World.


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